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Over the past several years, NABA, INC. has worked diligently to transform our convention to make sure it continues to meet the needs of both its corporate partners and attendees. NABA, INC.’s Annual National Convention & EXPO is a one-stop shop for industry leaders to network with their peers, recruit talented professionals, conduct business, and showcase an array of products and services. Partnership with NABA means more than a logo at a large meeting—it’s a rewarding relationship, of which we strive to be an excellent steward to ensure a high return on your investment.

The Annual National Convention & EXPO affords companies the opportunity to interact with more than 2,000 NABA members from corporate executives, managers, student scholars, and entrepreneurs.

Through our Convention & EXPO, NABA, INC.:

  • Enhances the management skills and productivity of its members through innovative workshops and technical sessions

  • Provides branding and imaging opportunities as well as diversity recruiting and hiring solutions for our corporate partners

  • Hosts a forum for senior executives to make presentations to captive audiences

  • Provides opportunities to recruit from a high caliber and diverse pool of exceptional candidates as well as diversity recruiting and hiring solutions

  • Creates a platform to build brand awareness and good will with an active market segment

NABA IS A HUB - Despite the struggles of the economy, the demands to improve the bottom line and funnel the pipeline with quality talent remain. Our theme for the 2013 convention is “Transforming Minds - Developing Leaders and Building Business” because we strive to create a forum in which individual attendees and corporate partners can discuss strategies to excel in our global economy.

NABA Inc.’s National Convention is an exceptional opportunity because it presents a great face-to-face business opportunity for accounting, business, finance, IT professionals, and C-suite executives seeking to exchange ideas with colleagues, academic scholars, and government professionals. We provide one of the most fulfilling network experiences by shedding light on the profession's newest and best thinking, sharing best practices on corporate diversity, and cultivating relationships with a generation of students eager to get their foot in the door.

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